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Questions from Fundamentalists

You find polygamy throughout the Bible; how can you say that polygamy is wrong?

It is absolutely true that polygamy is in the Bible. It was even lived by those who are considered "heroes of the faith" as it were. Our main "issue" with the fundamentalist doctrine of polygamy is the claim that God has commanded polygamy in the Bible. This is completely false; there is no where in the Bible where God demands, commands, or even encourages a polygamist lifestyle. In fact, the opposite is true. Throughout the scriptures, both Old and New Testament, it becomes clear that God's "ideal" for marriage is one man, one woman. Does this mean that the men who loved God always lived up to this ideal? No, of course not. But this doesn't mean that their lifestyles are to be applauded.

God blesses the men of the Old Testament who lived polygamy. If it's against his will, why would God bless them?

God is a good God.  It is His character to patiently deal with mankind.  He desires our repentance, eager to forgive us when we do repent.  He treats everyone in the same patient manner regarding sin.  Psalm 103:10 tells us that He does not treat us as our sins deserves.  Although God never gave these men of old their multiple wives, nor commanded any of them to live polygamy, neither was He eager to destroy them so quickly.  He desires everyone to come to the knowledge of the truth and so be saved (2 Peter 3:9).

Why do you spend your time and efforts attacking us?

People frequently mistake disagreement and a desire to dialogue about important matters of faith as an "attack," and that is not our intention at all. Our primary goal as a ministry is to provide sound, biblical teaching on the subject of polygamy, and to assist those who seek freedom from a polygamist lifestyle. If you do not wish to leave the polygamist lifestyle, or are not concerned about what the Bible has to say about polygamy, then there really isn't a great deal that we have to offer you.

This ministry, this website, and our television program are geared toward helping those fundamentalists who are seeking answers to these questions, as well as anyone else who wishes to understand the subject better. If you are concerned that we are providing wrong information, then by all means, please contact us and let us know how. We're not above correction. But more often than not, challenges that come are not based on facts, but rather are challenges to our motives. Our motivation is to demonstrate Christian love and concern to those seeking freedom from fundamentalism, not to attack or be contentious.

For an in-depth study on what the Bible has to say about polygamy, we invite you to visit this web page.

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