October 2017
Dear Praying Friends,
Doris Hanson, Director,
A Shield and Refuge Ministry

We have witnessed several tragedies in America lately. Hurricane Harvey decimated Houston and much of the Gulf Coast areas. Hurricane Irma followed not far behind Harvey, the largest and most powerful hurricane ever clocked. The West has suffered huge forest fires in almost every western state. Over one million acres burned in the State of Montana alone. We’ve seen people coming to the aid of people—giving, working, praying, crying, and rejoicing together. Many people have remarked that this is really what this country is all about.  Actually, that’s what being a Christian is all about. 
Ephesians 2:10 For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Divide and conquer is a tried and true battle plan. We see that happening in our country a lot these days. Different groups claim they are better, more compassionate, more progressive than certain other groups. This is the attitude in many political circles, charities, philosophies and religions. But we can rest in the fact that there is no favoritism with God. He sees humanity in only two separate groups, the saved and the unsaved, and He wants people saved! And we want to be about His business, being effective in bringing His message to polygamists, redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ alone rather than the practice of plural marriage.

Most who are born and raised in Mormon polygamy groups go to their graves believing that their loyalty to their polygamy group has indebted God to them. They look forward to waking up in heaven and rewarded with the promotion to godhood. They believe that since the beginning—God was a polygamist who begat millions of spirit babies each with the potential of becoming a god in their own right through righteous living and polygamy.  They need the truth!! Colossians 1:13-14 For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

God has rescued us, may He use us as POWER TOOLS to help rescue them. We are available to speak to your group about Mormon polygamy. Just call Doris at 801-649-3103



I've just discovered your YouTube channel and am thankful there are ministries to help those trapped in Mormon polygamy and lead them to the truth of the Jesus of the Bible. What I'm wondering is whether you can direct me to particular episodes that address polygamy for non-Mormons, specifically born again Christians?

There is a heretical movement rising within Christian circles that embrace what they call "biblical polygamy" or "biblical families". You can find these websites using those titles in quotes. I once believed that polyandry and polygamy were acceptable by God but now I see I was gravely deceived. My husband, however, is still in this belief as is his mistress (to whom they refer to as his wife). They take a lot of support for their views from the website and in this view polygamy has nothing to do with salvation but is seen as a spiritually acceptable relationship orientation also known as polyfidelity. I'm hoping you may be able to share some exegesis from the Word or even a thorough rebuttal of biblicalpolygamy.com's so-called "truths" from the Bible to help them see through these lies. Thank you in advance and God bless!

We produced an episode on so-called "Christian" polygamy several years ago. 
You can go to:  pwlit.blogspot.com/2009/09/episode-238.html to watch that particular show.

We are aware of the Christian polygamy movement; this email does remind us to take another look at such an important topic. Therefore, we are planning to produce another, updated show on the heretical and contradictory claims of Christian Polygamy.

Polygamy has never been condoned nor encouraged by God.  God did “put up” with it in the Old Testament, just as He did other detestable and forbidden practices. But “putting up” with aberrant behavior and God blessing or commanding it are two very different things. Obviously, since God designed marriage as monogamy, (Genesis 2:21-24) He cannot contradict Himself by supporting or condoning polygamy.

When Jesus came, He had something to say about marriage too, and what He said clearly confirmed the Adam and Eve model of monogamy.


Warren Jeffs has been hit with a judgment of $16 million.  On Sept. 5 2017, a judge in Utah ordered Warren Jeffs to pay $16 million to Elissa Wall for his part in forcing her into a marriage at the age of 14 to her cousin - who was 19 years old.  It is against the law in Utah for cousins to get married. Neither Jeffs nor the FLDS church defended themselves.

Warren Jeffs controlled the church and the lives of its members, especially their marriages. Jeffs ordered the marriage between Elissa and her cousin, Alan Steed, even though he knew she was very much against it. As is normal in polygamy groups, Warren Jeffs urged the couple to have children but Elissa suffered miscarriages and a stillbirth from their efforts to obey him.

Elissa Wall can collect the money from Jeffs or his church and can pursue FLDS assets in various states as well as Mexico and Canada. Her lawyer said that the church should feel the pain of what their doctrine has created as to the rape of young girls.

Elissa Wall had testified at Jeffs' trial in St. George when he was charged with being an accomplice to rape. Jeffs was convicted by a jury; however, the Utah Supreme Court overturned the conviction. This is shocking, but not surprising. He was convicted in 2006 in Texas for child sexual assault and is now in prison with a sentence of life plus 20 years.

Elissa said, "Today is a victory for many thousands of victims of abuse. Many of us have stood up in our own way to fight for justice and further the protection of children."

Unfortunately, there is no real victory until our politicians and the legal system acknowledge the abuses in polygamy and do something about it.  More importantly, polygamists need to know Jesus saves– not polygamy.

As we work to that end, please continue to pray for us.

Stories of People We've Helped

It was late Spring. A Shield and Refuge had placed Billboards throughout Utah offering a toll free number for help to anyone who wanted to escape polygamy. The Billboard company had donated the space—we paid for the printing of each billboard face.  Not long after they went up, we received a call from a lady in Utah county— she wanted to meet for lunch and confidentially discuss how we could help her and her family.  She was the first of her husbands three wives which means she was the only ‘legal’ wife.  She had four children. She had considered leaving her abusive husband for a long time, but had no courage to do it, and each time he guilt tripped her to stay. In fact, twice before we met, she had made plans to leave, but was afraid to follow through.

We had been in contact with some people very close to where she lived and asked for their help. They would need to take a trailer, load all her belongs and get out fast – I then contacted another volunteer who had offered her home to house escapees; she was willing to take the family. We knew God was in this from start to finish. The plans “came together, at just the right timing”. The family was able to escape safely and was temporarily hidden away from the angry husband.  Shortly after, the woman’s mother called also asking for help getting out.  She was able to go stay with her daughter who had just escaped with her four children.

The story didn’t end there, they faced many more difficulties. The children’s father had a legal right to know their whereabouts.  He was a very abusive, yet powerful man in the polygamy group and in the community. His wives could be called his accomplices because they all did everything they could to make the escape a total nightmare, and then there was the legal drama which took a very long time to work through. He was intimidating and threatening to the children and their mother. She requested counseling which we were able to get for her and it helped her immensely.

The big battle has always, and still is, to get affordable and GOOD legal help. She finally filed for divorce asking for alimony and custody of the children. Her husband was in an illegal, polygamous marriage, so we thought surely the judge would see it as safer for her to have custody of the kids. Nevertheless at the very beginning of the divorce proceedings, the judge forbade anyone to use “that word” - referring to ‘polygamy’. After a tough battle, the family rented their own home, and was safely and legally removed from their polygamous marriages and the polygamy group. We thank God for every victory and successful escape.


From Mormonism Unveiled:

   One day the Chief of Police came to me and said that I must ... watch the house of a widow woman named Clawson. .... I was informed that a man went there nearly every night about ten o'clock, and left about day light. I was also ordered to station myself and my men near the house, and when the man came out we were to knock him down and castrate him, and not to be careful how hard we hit, for it would not be enquired into if we killed him.

I did not believe that the Chief of Police knew just what he was doing. I felt a timidity about carrying out the orders. It was my duty to report all unusual orders that I received from my superiors on the police force, to the Prophet Joseph Smith, or in his absence, to Hyrum, next in authority. I went to ... the Prophet to report, but he was not at home. I then called for Hyrum, and he gave me an interview. I told him the orders that I had received from the Chief, and asked him if I should obey or not. He said to me, "Brother Lee, you have acted wisely in listening to the voice of the Spirit. It was the influence of God's Spirit that sent you here. You would have been guilty of a great crime if you had obeyed your Chief's orders."

Hyrum then told me that the man that I was ordered to attack was Howard Egan, and that he had been sealed to Mrs. Clawson, and that their marriage was a most holy one; that it was in accordance with a revelation that the Prophet had recently received direct from God. He then explained to me fully the doctrines of polygamy, and wherein it was permitted, and why it was right.

I was greatly interested in the doctrine. It accorded exactly with my views of the Scripture, and I at once accepted and believed in the doctrine as taught by the revelations received by Joseph Smith, the Prophet. As a matter of course I did not carry out the orders of the Chief. I had him instructed in his duty, and so Egan was never bothered by the police. A few months after that I was sealed to my second wife. I was sealed to her by Brigham Young, then one of the Twelve. In less than one year after I first learned the will of God concerning the marriage of the Saints, as made known by Him in a revelation to Joseph Smith, I was the husband of nine wives. 


   We are always interested in what our readers and supporters find interesting regarding the topic of polygamy. If you have a particular question, or would like information on a news event or topic relating to polygamy, or have a concern, we invite you to send your request to us via email:  doris@shieldandrefuge.org

We also like to receive suggestions for topics to cover on our weekly internet and Roku broadcasts. Feel free to let us know what’s on your mind.  Also, if you know anyone who is in polygamy who has questions or may want to escape, they can contact us toll free at: 1-877-425-9993

  • Continue to pray for those who want out but are afraid to leave, even afraid to ask for help.

  • Pray for God’s continuing provision for our ministry, and for divine opportunities to reach out and help so many who are depending on polygamy for their eternal salvation.

  • Pray for several women we’ve already helped, but who have rejected the God of the Bible because of their past religious abuse. Pray God will touch, soften and heal their broken hearts.

  • Pray for the Shortcreek Fellowship Ministry and their outreach to the polygamous community of Colorado City.


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