May 2016
Dear Friends,
Doris Hanson, Director,
A Shield and Refuge Ministry

How many times can a prophet be wrong before he is considered a false prophet?
   Once again the world did not suffer God’s destruction on April 6th as prediction by the FLDS leaders.  The members got word that unless the “Jeffs boys” were set free from jail, God would pour out His wrath through destructive earthquakes.  Of course, it didn’t happen.  And it didn’t happen the previous four or five times that they’ve predicted God’s massive destruction of America.  This is just another example and another reason why people everywhere should study their Bibles.  God tells us what to expect when judgment day arrives.  He also tells us what to expect when false prophets invade the flock dressed as sheep but are inwardly ravenous wolves.
   Our ministry’s focus is to bring Biblical truths to polygamists.  We know that Mormonism as a whole rejects inerrancy and trustworthiness of the Bible.  But over and over again, throughout its history, the bible has been proven to be accurate, trustworthy and gives comfort and discernment to all who will trust it.  There is an ever increasing sense of urgency these days.  Politics are upside down, our moral compass is broken.  Our sense of national pride has reached new lows and people who claim to be Christian don’t even know what the Biblical definition of Christian is. 
   Mormon Fundamentalists trust polygamy to save them.  The LDS culture trusts temples, tithing and numerous good works to save them.  Joseph Smith continues to rule his hundreds of thousands of followers from the grave.  The stranglehold of Joseph Smith needs to be broken, and trusting Jesus “plus” polygamy and other works needs to shattered.  Please pray with us for effective and greater and bold opportunities to bring God’s truths to the polygamist culture.


   The story of Frederick Loba continued from last month:
Loba adopted every precaution for his own safety, night and day. Then came the news of the Parrish murders, and there was so much alarm among the people that there was talk of the departure of a great many of the dissatisfied. To check this ...[Brigham] Young had a band of four hundred organized under the name of "Wolf Hunters”  ... whose duty it was to see that "the wolves" did not stray abroad.  Loba now communicated his fears to his wife, and found that she also realized the danger of their position, and was ready to advise the risk of flight. The plan ... was that they two should start alone on April l, leaving the children in care of the wife's mother and brother...
   At ten o'clock on the appointed night Loba and his wife, [she] dressed in men's clothes--stole out of their house. Their outfit was one blanket, twelve pounds of crackers, a little tea and sugar, a double-barrelled gun, a sword, and a compass. They were without horses, and their route compelled them to travel the main road for twenty-five miles before they reached the mountains, where they hoped to baffle pursuit. They were fortunate enough to gain the mountains without detention. There they laid their course, not ... to taking the easiest or most direct route, but one so far up the mountains that pursuit by horsemen would be impossible. This entailed great suffering....Their objective point was Greene River (170 miles from Salt Lake
City by road, but probably almost 300 by the route taken), where they expected to find Indians on whose mercy they would throw themselves. Two days before that river was reached they ate the last of their food, and they kept from freezing at night by getting some sage wood from underneath the snow, and using Loba's pocket journal for kindling. Mrs. Loba had to be carried the whole of the last six miles, but this effort brought them to a camp of Snake Indians, among whom were some Canadian traders, and there they received a kindly welcome. News of their escape reached Salt Lake City, and Surveyor General Burr sent them the necessary supplies and a guide to conduct them to Fort Laramie, where, a month later, all the rest of the family joined them, in good health, but entirely destitute.  They then learned that, as soon as their flight was
discovered, the church authorities sent out horsemen in every direction to intercept them, but their route over the mountains proved their preservation.
--The Story of the Mormons: From the Date of Their Origin to the Year 1901; by William Alexander Linn

On Monday April 11, 2016, a federal appeals court dismissed a previous federal court decision that decriminalized polygamy in Utah.  This is a legal defeat for the polygamous "Sister Wives" and Kody Brown family.  The court said they never faced charges or threat of prosecution so there had been no basis for a court ruling.
Members of the FLDS were warned that on April 6th earthquakes will shake the Salt Lake City federal building where Lyle Jeffs is scheduled to appear in court for fraud and money laundering schemes, and that the walls of the Texas prison where Warren Jeffs is locked up will be shaken so strongly that the bars of the prison will fall and both men will be free.  But April 6th came and went, and not a shiver or shake of an earthquake made either Texas or Utah tremble.  Warren Jeffs and brother Lyle Jeffs remain behind bars, and we wonder: why don’t the FLDS understand that false prophets predict false prophecies?
All Mormon polygamy groups are based on Joseph Smith’s United Order.  Members are told they are to hand over all that they own then the church would supply their needs. Of course, needs are never supplied except for the leaders and their families.  Kingston group members tell of their scrounging in dumpsters to get food for dinner. FLDS members tell of poverty and near starvation of many, while the hierarchy eat foods like lobster and scallops. 
   Another recent report from the FLDS tells how some of Warren Jeffs wives were asked to engage in group sex.  They were instructed what to do by Jeffs from his prison cell via his phone.  He told them to “prepare themselves” which meant showering together and to get naked in a prayer circle.  Jeffs seems to have achieved his sexual satisfaction by listening to the sounds while his wives were having group sex as directed by him.


I enjoy watching your show and through your show I have learned a great deal. I am Ex-Mormon and now "Born Again Christian" .... Please keep up the good work!
Hi Doris.  I was listening about your life, that sparked me into investigating and researching the LDS church.  I was a convert back in the 90s.  What I have learned, God has used me to bring friends out of Mormonism.  All my children are now saved, the last one just a couple yrs ago.  It was hard to drop some things from the church, pre-existence, family first, polygamy etc.  Praise the Lord, we are saved.  Two of my sister's are converts to the church and active, they have completely distanced themselves from me and my kids.  We are not invited to anything,  weddings, baptisms etc. and we are ok with it. 
If I hadn't met you, I don't think I would have known just how much is hidden from new converts and to their own members who are born into it.  I had no idea of anything as a member, except don't drink coffee, and the need to stay in good standing by paying your tithing. I just wanted you to know, how much you influenced me. I still hold some anger and resentment, which helps me to be very passionate about helping others see the truth of the church....  May God continue to bless you in helping those coming out of polygamy and the main stream church.
God bless all you do Doris, I love what you are doing ... telling the truth about Mormonism.  The women that want the phony priesthood are so lucky to be getting excommunicated ...


Is Polygamy Biblical?
(Excerpts from the book)

“There is only one reference to Hagar as Abram’s “wife,” and it is quite clearly qualified in context: “Sarai Abram’s wife took Hagar her maid the Egyptian, after Abram had dwelt ten years in the land of Canaan, and gave her to her husband Abram to be his wife” (Gen. 16:3). This statement does not indicate any approval or sanction by God .. to have Hagar become a second wife to Abram. Indeed, this is the only reference to Hagar as his wife in the Bible. Genesis introduces her as Sarah’s “maid” and continues to refer to her as such even after she was given to Abraham.
   Both Sarah and God in Genesis 21, when speaking to Abraham about Hagar, refer to her as Sarah’s “bondwoman” (KJV) or “female slave” (’amah), even after Hagar’s son Ishmael was born. Sarai or Sarah, on the other hand, is called Abraham’s wife 26 times throughout the Abraham narrative from chapter 21 to 25. The implication is clear: Sarah was Abraham’s real, proper wife; Hagar was not.”   (
   God often uses the New Testament as a commentary on the Old Testament. In Galatians 4:28-31 Hagar is referred to as a slave and Sarah as a freewoman.  In fact, verse 30 says:  "Cast out the bondwoman and her son".   With these Biblical facts in mind, how can Abraham be used as an example supporting the practice of polygamy?  God never instructed Abraham, Sarah or Hagar to participate in a polygamous affair, but instead instructed Hagar to leave the situation just as soon as Ishmael was old enough to travel away with his mother.  God’s original intent was to bring about his purposes through Abraham and Sarah’s offspring, and theirs alone.  So if the polygamists were to truly follow in Abraham’s footsteps, they would first provide for their other wives and children, and then send them away, and then remain married to only one wife until her death.
   Isaac, did not have more than one wife - Rebekah.  But his sons, Esau and Jacob, had multiple wives.  Jacob's original intent was not polygamy, but trickery brought Jacob into polygamous marriages and his life became miserable with four bickering, jealous wives.  This is a Biblical example of a dysfunctional family!  But such is the case in families with multiple wives.  The man's affections are divided and he can't help but show favoritism.   Each woman is then left to protect her children and her own marital rights.  Jealousy runs rampant among the wives and the children.  Polygamy offers no domestic tranquility.              
(Continued next month)

Please Pray ...

  • Pray for the granddaughter of a ministry member who is self-destructing on drugs.
  • Pray for justice to be administered to the leaders of all the polygamy groups who lie and cheat members and who “lie for the Lord” to protect and hide their illegal behaviors.
  • Escaping polygamy, is being sued by the Kingston polygamy group.  Escaping Polygamy is the only ‘real’ reality show about helping people escape from polygamy. Pray that the Kingstons won’t succeed in their efforts to shut down the show for telling the truth.
  • Pray for more and greater opportunities to minister God’s truths to those who rely on polygamy, instead of Jesus for salvation.


   I would like to thank the Utah Idaho Lutheran Women’s Convention for inviting me as a special guest speaker during their annual conference on April 30th in Ogden Utah.  Our desire is to inform people outside the “Zion Curtain” of Utah all about the reality of and abuses of Mormon polygamy.
   I am available to speak at your conference or meeting or Church congregation. For more information contact Doris:   801-649-3103


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