The Divine Attributes of God
  • Supremacy – He is THE Supreme Being.  He is not merely a different type of being or a superior being, but the Supreme Being.

  • Uniqueness – God is unique.  The Bible describes Him in Greek as monogenesis – which means “one of a kind,” “having a unique nature,” etc.  There is only ONE God, and He tells us so 27 different times in the Bible.

  • Eternalness – He has always existed and always will exist.  He had no beginning and will never cease to exist.

  • Omniscience – He knows all things.

  • Omnipotence – He is all powerful.

  • Omnipresence – He is everywhere at the same time.

  • Self-Existent – He is the only thing that had no beginning, that was not created by something else.

  • Holiness – He is pure and undefiled.

  • Triune – The one God is a single “Trinity” consisting of three distinct persons:
    1. God the Father
    2. God the Son (Jesus, who is also sometimes referred to as “theWord of God”)
    3. God the Holy Spirit

    NOTE:  Don’t get hung up on the “how can one be three” question at this point.  Keep in mind that we are finite, imperfect beings trying to comprehend an infinite, perfect God.  We can’t wrap our minds around the Trinity, but we can accept it because God says that is His nature, and He says so from Genesis to Revelation.  And, while we might not be able to comprehend His Triune nature, we can get to know Him through Jesus who came to earth as God Incarnate for several reasons:  to save us from our sins, to teach us God’s truth, and to help us get to know God on an intimate, personal level.

  • Theistic – There are two types of gods as defined by comparative religion:  deistic and theistic.  A deistic god is one that would distance itself from that which it creates, one that would not get involved in the activities of the thing it created.  A deistic god would essentially be an “absentee father” god – it would create a universe and then sit back an say, “I made you, but I don’t want to get involved.   You’re on your own!”  The God of the Bible is theistic.  He does NOT distance Himself from that which He creates.  He gets actively involved n the activities of the things He created.  In fact, the God of the Bible “micromanages” His creation.

  • Transcendent – God transcends that which He created, i.e. He goes beyond that which He created.  He is not limited to that which He created.  He is not bound by that which He created.  For example, the in the physical universe it is impossible for a single being to consist of three distinct persons, but God is not limited by physical laws, so He CAN be ONE God and yet consist of three distinct persons.

  • Alive – God is a living being.  Even moreso, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, rose from the grave and is alive!  And He sits at the right hand of the Father 24/7/365 interceding on behalf of those who accept His free gift of salvation.

  • Personal – God is a living person with thoughts, reactions, emotions, etc., not an impersonal thing.

  • Spirit – As we said above, God is spirit.  A spirit is a living being that is incorporeal, i.e. it does not possess a physical body.  Jesus took on a physical body, but that body was not part of His nature.  By comparison, our bodies are part of our human nature, but we put on clothes.

  • Intelligent – This is a given, considering He created the entire universe all the way from the largest planet down to the most microscopic microbe.  His intelligence and imagination are limitless.

  • Immortal – God will live forever.  Note the technical difference between eternal and immortal.  God is eternal because He had no beginning.  He is immortal  because He will live forever.  In the alternative, human beings are immortal  because we will live forever, but we are NOT eternal because we did not always exist.

  • Separate – God is separate from that which He created.  The universe itself is NOT God.  God is NOT “in” trees and rocks and oceans and feathers.  He exists outside of His creation, and He sees past, present and future all at the same time.

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